The Association

The association B.forHEALTH, Health Economy Burgdorf is an interest group comprised of global and national companies, local SMEs, academic and public institutions as well as the city of Burgdorf. B.forHEALTH aims to strengthen and improve the industry, services and educational offers in the whole spectrum of Health and Health related businesses through cooperation, coordination and networking in the famous Emmental Region of Switzerland.

Our Members

Alfred Müller AG • Atelier G & S • AXA Winterthur • Berner Kantonalbank AG • Etavis Beutler AG • FAES BAU AG • Giraudi & Partner Architekten AG • Dr. Thomas Gübeli • Dr. Charlotte Gübeli • Haller + Jenzer AG • Lagerhaus AG Buchmatt • Lubana AG • Marti Gesamtleistungen AG • NORDFABRIK AG • Procimmo Swiss Commercial Fund • Raiffeisenbank Region Burgdorf • ReseaChem GmbH • SAZ Burgdorf • schärpartners ag •  Senevita Burdlef • Simon Keller AG • Spital Emmental • Spitex Spezial GmbH • Stadt Burgdorf • Suter & Kocher Immobilien AG • Techpharma Management AG • thinkNEO GmbH • UBS AG • Unico Treuhand AG • Peter Urech • W. Blaser AG • WHITELIGHT Veranstaltungstechnik AG • Ypsomed AG • Elisabeth Zäch • Zentrum Schlossmatt