Cash & Coffee

Raiffeisenbank Burgdorf opens renovated branch

Since the end of January 2019, our association member Raiffeisenbank Region Burgdorf has been welcoming its customers in its newly designed branch office in Burgdorf. Behind the state-of-the-art reception, visitors to the bank can also enjoy culinary delights - in a successful combination of bank and café-bar, Raiffeisen and the new City Café share the ground floor at Bahnhofstrasse 20.

High-potential industrial zone Buchmatt

Information flyer ready for download


01/26/2019 – The industrial zone Buchmatt offers local production companies and interested firms from abroad excellent connections to the Swiss train and highway system. Several plots are still available for development.


Our information brochure can be downloaded here.

Photo Valley AG takes root in Burgdorf

Medicinal plants from the Emmental

11/13/2018 – The foundation of Phyto Valley AG in Burgdorf confirms the attractiveness of the location for the processing of medicinal plants. The company plans to set up its own production of active ingredients based on medicinal plants from the Emmental region. 

B.forHEALTH assisted in the search for locations.

Pediando AG has opened in the ESP Buchmatt

Pediando AG , the new sales company for health products founded in 2017, was able to quickly find suitable premises in Burgdorf thanks to the mediation of B.forHEALTH.

At Buchmattstrasse 25, the company, which specialises in foot care products, now has its warehouse and administration.

B.forHEALTH wishes Pediando AG good business in Burgdorf and throughout Switzerland.