Burgdorf – your Lifescience location

As a regional hub with a striving Lifescience and Health Economy, Burgdorf and its local industry offer an attractive business environment that enables newcomers from abroad or Switzerland to quickly develop or expand their activities.

Notable, worldwide active enterprises of the Lifescience sector are at home in Burgdorf and the surrounding region: J&J, CSL Behring, Biogenic, Ypsomed and many more. Their presence stimulate a diverse health economy in which suppliers and producing enterprises maintain cooperation and exchange along the whole value added chain.

B.forHEALTH, the association Gesundheitswirtschaft Burgdorf, helps you in getting settled and networked in the region in close collaboration with the administration of Burgdorf, so that you can quickly gain a foothold in our region.

Free of charge, B.forHEALTH finds and conveys properties and real estate tailored to your needs. Whether you need space for your startup or a building for the group headquarters, to rent or to purchase – we find the offers that fit your needs.

Studie «Gesundheitswirtschaft im Emmental»

25.10.2016 – B.forHEALTH hat die Ist-Situation der «Gesundheitswirtschaft im Emmental» untersucht. Die am 25. Oktober 2016 der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellte Studie kann hier heruntergeladen werden. 

2. Plattform Gesundheit der Hauptstadtregion Schweiz

22.6.2016 – Gemeinsam mit der Hauptstadtregion Schweiz führte B.forHEALTH am 22. Juni in Burgdorf die zweite Plattform Gesundheit durch. Rund 40 Gäste wohnten der Veranstaltung zum Thema «Innovation – wie und wo wird sie initiiert?» bei. ...mehr

B.forHEALTH – Welcome to Burgdorf!

If you would like to establish a presence in Burgdorf and its surroundings, B.forHEALTH is your one-stop service provider for your settlement questions and needs. Your success is our goal at B.forHEALTH.

In the town and economic region of Burgdorf, future-oriented projects and enterprises in need of space for innovation, development and lasting growth can find attractive framework conditions and a dynamic, friendly economic environment. B.forHEALTH will help you to get connected in an efficient and impartial way.

B.forHEALTH wants you to feel at home in Burgdorf. As a regional center with independent, urban life, Burgdorf offers high quality of life and a broad offering of leisure activities without the disadvantages of metropolitan areas for professionals and families.

Thanks to its excellent connection to the Swiss railway and road system Burgdorf is easy to reach and open for active foreign and domestic business links.

Come take a look and visit us! B.forHEALTH is welcoming you to Burgdorf.

Burgdorf is located in the middle of the LifeScience Belt that exists around the cities Bern-Burgdorf-Solothurn-Biel-Neuchâtel in the eastern part of the Capital Region Switzerland.